Bitten by the travel bug

How do you know you’ve been bitten by the travel bug? There is that restless feeling when you don’t have a trip booked and that melancholic feeling when coming back home. Even though I actually like my home town of Helsinki a lot, there is always that almost sad feeling when I come back home. In a couple of days it passes and then it’s time to start browsing travel blogs and booking sites again.

As I have studied travel and tourism in the university of applied sciences, I am very keen on booking my flights and hotels myself instead of using travel agencies. Although I know people working in travel agencies are¬†highly competent as I have done that during my school years and early in my career, I still like to be the one in charge of the booking. It’s part of the fun to compare flight schedules and prices, look for accommodation and try to find the perfect location. I prefer location to star ratings and often stay in budget hotels as I only need the hotel room for sleeping, taking a shower and having somewhere to keep my belongings.

How about you? Do you book everything yourself or get a little help from professionals?



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