Next destination awaits!

Now that our trip to Karelia is done and my summer vacation is getting near, it’s time to set sights to the next destination. This time I’m traveling with a friend of mine and we have booked everything ourselves, flights and accommodation. We have traveled together a lot, so it’s really easy to come up with destinations, book the trip and go!

When you’re traveling with someone or several persons, I think it’s really important that you both/all have somewhat similar interests. It’s good to talk about the trip before you actually hop on the plane, that way you know what you want to do and see and don’t need to spend precious time in the destination discussing those things. Of course you can do different things, if someone wants to for example do some shopping and the other wants to go and see a museum that the other is not interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want or recommend tight schedules when on vacation but it’s easier for everyone to plan a bit beforehand. With that in mind, I’ll set up a meeting with my friend to plan our next trip a bit!


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