Passport, toothbrush, what else?

Four days left until my summer vacation starts. And only five days until it’s time to hop on a plane and fly away! So, let’s whip out the suitcase and start packing. Eight days in Central Europe, most probably just in the city. What to pack? Summer dresses, two or three pairs of shoes, some pants and shirts in case it’s colder some day, a lightweight knit and scarves to save many different situations.

A passport, some sunscreen, a spork, a laundry bag and my trusty lovely Lumi pouch bag.

Scarves are really a lifesaver when traveling, I highly recommend having them with you at all times! A big scarf can be used as a quilt if it’s cold on the plane or as a skirt when you’re wearing shorts and want to visit a church with strict policies about clothing etc. A smaller one covers your head from too much sun, acts as a belt and of course, helps keep you warm if needed.

Remember sunscreen and bug spray! Two small things that may just save your trip because it really sucks if you get sunburned or are bitten by mosquitoes. Then throw in some travel size toiletries and beauty products and you’re basically ready to go! Except for the hand luggage. But I’ll get to that later!

  • Vacation sign found from Crazy Beautiful blog. The photo is by me.
  • I haven’t received anything mentioned in this blog post for free/discounted, I only mention things I really like and recommend by brand.

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