Come fly with me!

The subject is from an old Frank Sinatra song that’s been stuck in my head for hours now. But it’s also spot-on actual as I’m about the board the plane in just a few hours when this post is published. My suitcase is packed, I’ve checked in our flight, watered the plants at home and locked the door behind me for a week.

I love airports. Watching people and planes come and go, soaking up the atmosphere, getting giddy about as I realize I’m about experience something new whilst traveling. This time I’m traveling to a city I’ve been to once before. The picture below is from that trip so now I guess you might know where I’m heading. Last time I were there, I was traveling alone and asked some fellow-travelers to take a picture of me. This time I’m traveling with a friend as I mentioned in an earlier blog post.


Next time I promise to write about our trip revealing the destination. While I may not be able to write a proper blog post while traveling, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get glimpses from my trip! “Come fly with me!”


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