Back home again

Here I am again, back at home in Helsinki. Vienna was lovely, beautiful, warm, sunny, flowery, full of parks, architecture, horses, cakes and culture. Now I’m doing all the laundry and trying to get used to being at home. It’s almost 10 degrees Celsius less warm than in Vienna but gladly today has been mostly sunny.

Lipizzaner mares and foals at Burggarten park. 

For some reason I’m always somewhat melancholic when a trip is over and it’s time to head home. I like my hometown, my home is really nice and I get to see my friends and family and still it feels like I leave a part of my heart to every place I travel to. That’s why I try to come up with fun things to do for the first couple of days. Today I went to listen to music as I music is the best cure for anything! Well, almost anything, wanderlust might be one of the only things it can’t help. Now I need some sleep but more on Vienna will follow soon!

Such a beautiful town! 

4 thoughts on “Back home again

    1. Oh, that’s nice! I’m planning on writing about Finland as well as soon as a couple of Vienna posts are published. I live in Helsinki and love my hometown. But I also like for example Turku and the countryside a lot. Have you already been here this summer?

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      1. Yes, I was in Finland throughout July, mostly staying in Espoo but I also visited Turku, Lake Saimaa and some other places. I’ve come every year since 2006, it’s so beautiful in summer. I’ve never been to Vienna and only visited Austria for ski trips so far.

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      2. I just read about your latest trip! I live near the city center in Punavuori and having lived here in Helsinki for 12 years, pretty much all of the places you’ve visited are familiar to me too 🙂 I think that the Vuosaari Beach was the only place I haven’t been to. It’s always interesting to see one’s own hometown through someone else’s eyes! I have a couple of pictures from Helsinki on my Instagram account, see if you spot familiar places

        Oh, I can definitely recommend Vienna! Such a beautiful city, I’ve been there twice. I just wrote about the cafés and there are still a couple more posts coming!


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