Oh the sweet life in Vienna

I think that one of the first things that come to anyone’s mind when talking about Vienna is the Sachertorte or Sacher cake. It’s a classic! So, there is no trip to Vienna without tasting the Sacher cake and all the other delicacies the viennese cafés have to offer.

This is it! The Original Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher. And I do need to mention the apple juice made especially Hotel Sacher, delicious on a hot summer day with some soda! 

In the 1950’s and 1960’s two leading coffee houses in Vienna, Sacher and Demel actually went to court over the Original Sacher Torte. Sacher won but both are oh so good with some differences.

The Sacher cake at Demel. The apricot jam is placed differently and at least in the summertime they didn’t serve whipped cream with the cake. 

If you love the sweet things in life, Vienna is definitely your city! And if you buy just one thing, a cup of coffee or a piece of cake, you can sit in the café as long as you wish.

After climbing to the Gloriette in Schönbrunn, it was time to reward ourselves with a cold lemon soda and a Sisi-Gugelhupf! 
Chocolate mousse cake and a cold chocolate drink at Demel. 
Life can’t always be just cakes and sweets, gladly there are also other delicious things to eat in Vienna. For example this amazing sushi at Dots Experimental Sushi! 

2 thoughts on “Oh the sweet life in Vienna

    1. Vienna really is a place for everyone with a sweet tooth 🙂 I also recommend it during the colder months because they make the best hot chocolate there. Nothing better when you’ve walked in the cold weather and then sitting in a warm café sipping a big cup of hot chocolate and eating a piece of delicious cake!

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