Music and travel, travel and listen

Two of my greatest passions in this life are music and travel. And there’s nothing better than combining those two. So far I have seen for example a rock band from USA in Berlin, a classical concert in Vienna and Venice and one of my absolute favorite Swedish bands in their hometown of Stockholm.

Those gigs and concerts have brought some extra to awesome trips, made them even more awesome. I’ve travelled to Berlin to see a band because that was about the nearest they came to Finland as they have never been to Finland. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to see a band during a work trip, twice! And of course I’ve wanted to hear the great masters being played in their hometowns and even in locations they have played themselves more than hundred years ago. Like the Kursalon in Vienna where Strauss the Younger played his first concert there in 1868.

Sometimes I’ve bought the tickets beforehand, sometimes just ex tempore but I’ve always enjoyed every minute. I highly recommend adding some music to your travels!


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