The four-hoofed Viennese – horses

I’ve loved horses ever since I was a little girl and that love has never withered. So when in Vienna, I just needed to go and see the horses. The famous, beautiful, white Lipizzan horses that dance to music in the amazing baroque building, the Winter Riding School in the heart of Vienna. Everyone is mesmerized by the horses and their riders.

During summer the stallions that you can normally see performing in the Spanish Riding School are enjoying a laid-back summer vacation in the forests of Heldenberg. Nowadays during the summer months mares and foals from the Piber Federal Stud are brought to town and tourists around the world go awww when they catch a sight of the horse babies and their attentive moms.

Mares and foals in the Winter Riding School

The Lipizzan horses are born bay or black and start to turn gray as they get older. And as with all gray horses, they look almost white with age. These mares and foals are a good example of that!

Little rascals tasting and trying everything as soon as mom turns her back.
Lovely to see such beautiful horsemanship.

After a morning show in the Winter Riding School, the mares and foals rest at the Stallburg until it’s time to get some fresh air in the nearby park, Burggarten. During summer the mares and foals were brought to the park to graze for an hour to the delight of tourists and Viennese equally. I probably took about a hundred pictures of them, here are a few of them. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “The four-hoofed Viennese – horses

    1. They really are lovely! I’ve seen the majestic stallions three years ago and now I got to see the beautiful mares and the cute little foals. A heaven for anyone that loves horses 🙂 And well, my friend has never been very enthusiastic about horses, likes them but that’s it. Somehow she ended up having about a hundred pics of the horses in her camera as well 😉

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