Sights to be seen

When I’m traveling, it’s not always the famous sights and buildings that are the most interesting. Having said that I do need to admit that there is something about Eiffel tower for example. But that’s a whole ‘nother story!


I do love the majesticity of houses, palaces, buildings and famous sights but I also appreciate the small things that make life and cities interesting. Details, parts of something bigger, works of art, street art, architecture, anything might catch my eye.


There is something about churches, the way they were built to be awe-inspiring and were meant to make people feel humble and small in the presence of some higher power that they believe in.

The Votivkirche is famous for it’s stained glasses.
The stained glasses create beautiful colourful patterns on the floor tiles.

How about statues? The way the people depicted in them are shown.

Johan Strauss, the Younger in Stadtpark
Empress Elisabeth, Sisi, in Volksgarten

But yes, I do love architecture.



Lovely music by the Theseus Temple in Volksgarten.

And it’s always fun to ride a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster!

Riesenrad, Prater amusement park



The pictures are all mine, please don’t use without permission. 


3 thoughts on “Sights to be seen

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your kind words! They really mean a lot as I’m just starting out my travel blog 🙂 It’s really fun to write about my trips and share the love of travel with other like-minded people. And the best thing is changing comments, tweets and ideas with others! So thank you for commenting 🙂


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