Travel bucket list

A little Monday fun inspired by a fellow blogger, Redhead Tourist. If I had endless amounts of time and money, where would I travel? Oh, all over the world! These are some destinations that first came to my mind.

USA: New York. Route 66. Nashville, TN. Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, TN. Yellowstone National Park. Washington DC. Some small village somewhere like Montana. Los Angeles. Hawaii.

France: Paris, again and again. Giverny. Nice. Côte d’Azur. Brittany (Bretagne in French, Brittany sounds somehow very British). Toulouse. The Pyrenees. Mont Saint-Michel.

Italy: Venice, again. Rome, again. Cinque Terre. Food. Culture. Music. Verdi. Milan. Tuscany. Florence. Pasta. The lakes.

Africa: Several countries. Culture. Safaris. Wildlife. Animals. Nature.

Japan: Tokyo. Sakura and hanami. Culture. Sushi. History.

Iceland: Nature. Culture. Glaciers. Geysers. Icelandic horses.

Cambodia: Angkor Wat. Nature. History. Culture.

Austria: Wien, again and again. Salzburg. Mountains. Cakes. Horses. Mozart. Freud.

The United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Ireland: London, again. Liverpool. Music. Beatles. Manchester. Culture. History. Moors. Scotland. Edinburgh. Glasgow. Kilts. Horses. Dublin.

Russia: Saint Petersburg. Moscow. The countryside. The Valaam Monastery, again. But in different political circumstances.

Australia and New Zealand: Koalas. Kangaroos. Nature. Beaches.  The bush. Didgeridoos.

Oh, I really would like to travel just about anywhere, I can’t end this list! Looking forward to traveling more and more. What would your travel bucket list look like?




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