A tour in my hometown

I’ve posted pictures of Helsinki to my Instagram account and they’ve been quite popular. I also asked about future subjects in a Twitter poll and Finland was on of the subjects voters a.k.a. you wanted to read about. That’s why I decided to give you a tour around my hometown through pictures. You may have seen some of the pictures but I’m sure there are some you haven’t seen. Guess how cold it can get in Helsinki during winter? The answer is in the last pic!

Guess how cold it can get in Helsinki during winter? The answer is in the last pic!


Autumn mornings and the light that tells you that summer is over. 
Amazing autumn colours in Eira, near my home. 
Someone flying a kite on an October evening. 
Getting home late at night. 
In the beginning of September, still green but clearly the autumn is here. 
Sunshine, autumn colours, lovely walk near Kaivopuisto. 
A new hotel opening soon! And what a calm morning. 
The Sinebrychoff park near my home. 

Before this colourful autumn, we had a fairly nice summer in Helsinki.


Bulevardi (boulevard in English) is one of the most beautiful streets in Helsinki. 
Some sort of sailing competition near Hernesaari. 
Yayoi Kusama’s art work at Esplanadi park. 
Suomenlinna and Särkkä islands seen from Kaivopuisto. 
A calm spring morning in Hietalahti. 
One of my absolute favourite places in Helsinki, Lapinlahti, near Hietaniemi cemetery. 
Late summer and awesome skies in Punavuori! 
The velvety nights of August. 
At Eiranranta. 

Spring by the sea is always kind of chilly. And winters can be really cold in Finland!

An old villa at Linnunlaulu, near the Central Railway Station. 
Misty sea and swans, signs of spring. 
At Ateneum art museum. 
Such a beautiful staircase at Porthania, one of the buildings of Helsinki University. 
This winter morning was really cold! It was about -25 °C and it looked like the sea was covered in cotton. On the coldest day in January 2016, the temperature reached almost -30 ° C, brrr! 





2 thoughts on “A tour in my hometown

    1. That’s so nice to hear 🙂 I read your blog posts and I guess you recognize these places, Eira, Hietalahti, Hietaniemi etc. These pics are mainly taken on my way to work or on a walk but I think I need to post some more pics from different parts of Helsinki as well.

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