Always with me on the road

You know, the things you always have with you, no matter where you travel. Besides passport, toothbrush, shoes and clothes, I mean. What’s in your travel kit?

I always, always have my camera and my notebook with me. I meticulously write a diary on my travels though I don’t keep a diary when I’m at home. But I know how easily you forget things so it’s good to have them in written form somewhere. I go back to those diaries every now and then.


A camera is a very natural way to record my trips and things I see and experience. Nothing is too small or big or anything to not take a picture. Sometimes my pictures are details, sometimes¬†documenting my day or anything in between. Although it’s not always so pleasant to carry a bigger camera around, I do love my old trusty Nikon that has travelled with me for many years, and hopefully, we will have some amazing adventures ahead of us.


Those diaries, I write about from one to three pages per day and I think I’m on diary number three at the moment, although it doesn’t have many empty pages left! Besides helping to remember things after days, months and years, it also somehow helps to structure each day as I always write my diary in the evenings. I record feelings, facts (not on a very detailed level, though), places I’ve been to, useful tips, anything. But I guess feelings and my inner-workings take the most space on those pages.

A good guidebook is also worth carrying around. A good one can tell you the same things as a living guide would but you can choose when and where you want that information and of course, save you some money. My favorite guidebooks are in Finnish, published by Mondo Travel Magazine. They are written by Finns who have lived in the said city and know the place like the back of their hand! I also like a series of guidebooks with spreads that are opened to a map of a certain area, they are the Finnish version of Cartoville guidebooks. Both are lightweight and handy!


What are your travel essentials? I’ll write about my cosmetics, sunscreen etc. in some other post. A good sunscreen can really save your holiday!



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