Experiences for all senses

I’ve already mentioned before that I love to combine music and travel but gigs are not the only way to enjoy the local culture or arts in general. All kinds of events and functions are an interesting part of traveling, be it a gig, a theater performance, a mass in a church, a concert or street musicians on a beautiful day.

I try to keep an open mind about things happening around me while traveling as well as at home. So far, I have never been disappointed! What have I seen or experienced then, you might ask?

A play that opened in the West End of London in 1952 was an interesting experience. It’s, of course, The Mousetrap, a classic whodunnit murder mystery by the great Agatha Christie. Seeing it was not just seeing another play but also means being part of that chain of more than 25 000 performances, the one I saw was # 24 923! dsc_0182

A concert in a small chapel in Budapest, just an organist, and some Bach but it was such a powerful experience. I’ll readily admit that Bach’s Air made tears flow freely and to think that we only participated because we happened to walk past the chapel about two minutes before the concert began! It was utterly amazing!


The chapel of Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, near the Heroes’ Square.


Last spring in Paris I had walked around the city for the whole day and was at Montmartre. I decided to pop into Sacré-Coeur although I’ve been there before but it’s always worth a visit for a moment of peace even if you’re not a religious person. I hadn’t been there long when I realized that a vespers was just beginning and sat down. I’m not Catholic so it was all new for me but a very peaceful moment to just sit down and unwind.


This pic of Sacré-Coeur is from summer 2014. Lovely place, isn’t it?


What kind of experiences has come your way while traveling? Music, theater, performances, religious services or something else?


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