Same city, different seasons

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, I’ve been crazy busy at work. But now it’s settling down a bit so here I am, full of ideas!

Same city, different seasons, what does that mean? I have talked about this with friends lately. I mean the way a city seems different during different seasons. And I don’t mean the obvious differences like weather etc. but the feeling and the atmosphere. There are a couple of cities I’ve visited during different seasons, Vienna, Paris, London, Stockholm and Tallinn. Summer is, of course, the season when every city is bustling with life, tourists everywhere and locals relaxing in their hometown, smiling, having fun. But I’ve noticed that during summer, the cities don’t somehow feel as genuine as they feel for example during spring when there are not so many tourists, the sun is only beginning to come out again and locals go about their daily chores. Or autumn when the biggest masses of tourists have left and life goes back to normal.


Piccadilly Circus in September 2012, a month after the London Summer Olympics.


For example in Paris, during spring the museums have more school children having an art class than tourists walking around. In Vienna, the city is still a bit sleepy in spring after the long winter and slowly realising that soon flocks of tourists are going to come again. Autumnal London is enjoying the cooling weather and remembering summer. Of course, there are tourists everywhere all the time but the amounts vary greatly, even in Paris or London!


Stockholm enjoying the last warm days at the end of September.


If you want to see a different side of your favourite city, I recommend visiting it during different seasons. You might find yourself almost alone in some smaller museum or walking some street where the only ones except you are an old man and his even older dog, and that’s kind of cool!


Spring in Paris, peace and quiet.



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