Budapest and Vienna, like cousins

They are both along the Danube, share some history and royals and I really like them both. They are Budapest and Vienna, like cousins but very distinctive at the same time. I think Vienna is a bit more sophisticated but Budapest has an immense amount of maybe a bit more rugged charms. Budapest has more influences from the East whereas Vienna is a very Western. But is it fair to compare them? Maybe not and that’s why I’ll just name some of my favourite things and places from both cities.


Budapest by night.



  1. Walking around. I love doing this anywhere, be it Budapest, Vienna, Paris or Helsinki. Watching people going about their lives, enjoying the atmosphere, getting to know the city, seeing things you wouldn’t see from a bus.
  2. New York Café and Gerbeaud Café. Such beautiful cafés/restaurants. You really need to see New York Café, it’s mindblowing even though your taste in decor is somewhat more subtle. Gerbeaud is near the main shopping street and such a nice place to refresh yourself after some shopping or sightseeing.
  3. The bridges. You just have to seem them!
  4. The different sides of the city, Buda and Pest. So different and yet they form this amazing city.
  5. The different historical and cultural layers that have born under different reigns during centuries.


  1. Walking around, same as with Budapest.
  2. Music and culture. How can you visit Vienna without listening to the masters or remembering the once revolutionary thoughts of Sigmund Freud?
  3. Architecture. Vienna is so beautiful it’s almost too much. But only almost too much and there is, of course, parts of the city with a totally different feel to it.
  4. The Spanish Riding School. Horses, horses, horses, three main reasons to visit. Graceful, beautiful, amazing!
  5. The Imperial Vienna. Schönbrunn, Hofburg, all the history. Intriguing!

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